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West Beach-Adelaide

West Beach is a seaside suburb of Adelaide surrounded by parklands and a golf course The beach stretches up to 135km of coastline and parklands just 10 minutes drive from Adelaide's CBD. It is a perfect sailing and kayaking holiday destination which caters an excellent park. An ideal getaway for families, it offers an award-winning caravan park and holiday village accommodation. Visitors will get to swim in its beautiful, safe waters and watch the flock of pelicans fly by. West Beach offers a variety of activities for tourists like sightseeing, museums, art galleries, golf and shopping. There are also numerous parks and greenspaces throughout the beach.  West Beach does not only entice the holiday-
makers with beach activities but also our shopaholic visitors can also indulge their shopping appetites. Home to Harbour Town shopping complex, an outlet shopping with big savings of more than 90 fashion and homeware outlets all in one location.

Maslin Beach-Adelaide

Maslin Beach is a southern coastal suburb of Adelaide and the site of a cliff-lined recreation reserve stretching from Maslin Beach town in the north to Blanche Point in the south. A 3km long beach in the southern part of the area is declared as Australia's first official "nude beach". This spot is reserved for nude bathers and is away from the other beach users. Maslin Beach is a beautiful, clean, unspoilt beach with white sand and aquamarine blue water. With the high cliffs providing a great picnic spot or sunset viewing, visitors can relax and enjoy its laid back atmosphere. It also offers an ideal spot for fishing where enthusiastic fishermen can just cast their rods on the shore. A paradise for divers and snorkellers, it boasts a stunning marine life and dramatic shipwrecks. The beach also caters3 national parks, golf courses, top quality cuisine and wineries.
Emu Bay-South Australia

Emu Bay is a unique coastal town located on the north coast of Kangaroo Island. It is a popular 5km long white beach. It is only one of the few beaches in the island where vehicle access is permitted. There are no camping amenities nor shops in the area making it a very remote and tranquil bushland getaway. Though it is the most popular swimming beach on the island, visitors can still have the beach to themselves even in the height of summer. An exquisite bay with long white curved beach framed by a turquoise sea making it a perfect playground that tourists called paradise. One of its main attractions is fishing, a jetty is available for a relaxing fishing adventure. There are also fishing charters with guides showing visitors the best area to land a catch. Aside from its deserted beaches, the island itself is nature's wonderland where visitors will get to encounter fascinating wildlifes including seals, koalas, kangaroos and echidnas.
Eyre Peninsula-South Australia

Eyre Peninsula is a perfect holiday getaway for tourists who love to experience a little bit of thrill at the same time having the most wonderful times of their lives. It is a frontier territory that surprises and delights all holidaymakers of all ages. Coming face to face with the ocean's most feared predator(of course in the safety of a shark cage) is just one of the highlights the peninsula offers. There is also activities for the kids like exploring the densely forested national parks and teaching them how to bait a hook. Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the many national parks and wild lands created by ancient volcanoes in the peninsula, truly describe as the true outback Australia. Indulge your taste buds with the world-class seafoods matched with regional wine at the many restaurants available. Tourists who love the wilds can also set out on a four wheel drive safari or better still join the tour and explore the  wonders of the Eyre Peninsula.
Marion Bay-South Australia

Marion bay is a beautiful township at the southern tip of the Yourke Peninsula in South Australia. The beaches of Marion Bay offer the best sheltered swimming beach popular with families. The other side of the beach is a surf beach flock by enthusiastic surfers. There is also a variety of fishing activties offering boat, jetty, rock and surf fishing. The bay is also the getaway to the Innes National Park known as the most important and spectacular park in SA. The park has magnificent coastal landscapes, an array of diverse wildlife and a wide range of recreational activities. Just a short walk from the beach is the Marion Bay Caravan Park designed as a bush camp surrounded by the shady native trees. Visitors in Marion Bay will not only experience the exciting beach life but also they get to explore and admire the spectacular beauty of nature.
South Australia's beaches are famous for its natural beauty from the windswift clifftops and steep sided coves, to the long sand surf beaches and calm sheltered bays.