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Bridgewater Bay, Victoria

Bridgewater Bay is a protected 4 km crescent of fine white sandy beach popular with families for its extensive rock pools at low tide and stunning cliff top views. The bay is a white sandy beach with deep blue water and jagged cliffs. Bridgewater Bay with 2 other beaches, Fowlers and Montforts is backed by 10 to 20 metre high calcarenite bluffs, capped by sand dunes with some of the dunes reaching down to the beach at Fowlers and Montforts. A short walking tracks lead to view of an eerie sand petrified forest. Tourist can partake such activities like surfing, windsurfing, surfcasting, fishing and swimming. In general, Bridgewater Bay is an attractive but isolated bay and beach, mostly popular during summer in low wave conditions.
Waratah Bay, Victoria

Waratah Bay is a stunning sweep of white sandy beach that has panoramic views across the Wilson's Promontory National Park. It is a surf beach with its wide, flat, sandy bottom making it generally a very safe beach. The bay stretches from Sandy Point to Walkerville where at Sandy Point, there is access to the  Shallow Inlet which is popular with fishermen as well as windsurfers. For a quite secluded beach front holiday, Waratah Bay is a recommended place to go. The beaches are popular with surfers and swimmers for its sandy coastline with the added attraction of the mountain peaks as its backdrop. If you love caravan parks or camping right on the beach, then Waratah Bay is just the right getaway destination for you.
St Kilda Beach, Melbourne

Located just 6 km south from Melbourne city centre is its most famous beach, St Kilda Beach. A sandy beach about 700 metres long between St Kilda Marina and St Kilda Harbour. Aside from the beach, it is also home to other landmarks like Luna Park, the Esplanade Hotel and Fitzroy Street. Catching a tram is the best way to get to the beach for visitors will be dropped off right  infront  of  their destination. An art and craft market is also an added attraction every Sunday. Visitors can enjoy  a variety of recreational activities like swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing, sailing and rollerblading. The beach also provide a walking and bicycle  tracks for those holidaymakers who just want to enjoy a relaxing, laid back activities.
Lakes Entrance, Victoria

Lakes Entrance is a tourism driven town and fishing port in eastern Victoria situated on the edge of Ninety Mile Beach where the Gippsland Lakes meets the Southern Ocean. It is an all year round holiday destination even very popular during the winter months when the climate is a few degress warmer than Melbourne. The beach is patrolled by lifesavers during the summer months. One of its landmarks is the famous footbridge which crosses Cunninghame Arm. It links the town centre with the sand dunes and windswift coastlines of Bass Strait, a popular destination by surfers and swimmers. The main attractions in Lakes Entrance aside from a number of lookouts are bushwalking, fishing, boating and swimming.  Visitors who love the outdoors, the beach also provides a good spots for camping in caravan parks as well as a pleasant walk along the marinas, the scenic coastline and the good views over the man-made  entrance.
Merricks Beach, Melbourne

Merricks Beach is a small seaside village basically untouched by development. It is one of the few coastal places within 100 km radius of Melbourne. The surroundings around the beach is best describe as rustic due to the streets being unsealed where Manna Gum and Pine tress lining the side of the streets. The beach is safe to swim any tide whether low or high and is rather a calm beach with little waves. Behind the beach is the Merricks Beach Foreshore, a  great area for wildlife. Koalas, possums and many types of birds are the main attractions of this park. Visitors can avail of the picnic facilities and a walking tracks that the park provides.
Victoria's shorelines are breathtaking with its 2,000km coastline of hundreds of beaches offering everything from safe swimming to world class point breaks, fabulous fishing to wicked surfing and windswift wilderness.