The Basin, Perth

Located in Rottness Island, Perth, the Basin is an ideal spot for snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming. It is a sheltered lagoon flush with colourful schools of fish. It is a long  and deep sedimentary basin that extends for about 700 km along the southwestern margin of  WA. Awarded as Australia's top beach, its clear turquoise water reflects the white sandy bottom where holidaymakers will enjoy the true delights of lying on the soft sand. The basin is a wonderful beach and ideal for family destination where visitors can enjoy friendly and laid back atmosphere. Aside from the basin, the Rottness Island offers a picturesque scenery and dazzling marine life. Visitors can also partake on a free guided walking tours or hire a bike and ride around the island admiring its spectacular sceneries.
Cable Beach, Western Australia

Cable Beach is a 22 km of sun-kissed white sand  and clear water beach situated in Broome, WA and known for its Indian Ocean sunset. It is a getaway destination where visitors can experience its tropical splendour from the seat of a camel train which operates daily along the beach. Being one of the stunning beaches in the world, visitors will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the white shorelines that stretch into the sunset. During dusk, four-wheel-drives flood the shorelines driving haphazardly across the rocks. Cable Beach offers a variety of water sports activities including parasailing and surfcats as well as an ideal spots for picnics and relaxation. There is also a nude beach just north of the vehicle access ramp.  The beach also provides the holidaymakers beautiful shells that get washed ashore. Presence of whales and dolphins can also be seen offshore in season.
Monkey Mia, Western Australia

For holidaymakers looking for a getaway experience where you can get to swim side by side with the world's biggest fish "the dolphins", then look no further than the Monkey Mia in Denham, WA. This squeaky clean beach is renowned as one of the best and most reliable spots  for dolphin interaction in the world. Monkey Mia with its pristine white shell beaches, crystal clear waters and the dolphins' daily visitation has long been a popular holiday destination for tourists around the world. Visitors will be rewarded by taking part of this amazing daily ritual where a small number of dolphins come ashore to the delights of onlookers. The beach main attraction is the daily feeding of bottlenose dolphins that has been coming close to the shore for more than 40 years. Visitors can also experience the unforgettable encounters with dugongs, turtles, mantra rays, sharks and dolphins aboard the catamaran.
Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

Ningaloo Reef is one of the few places on earth where visitors can swim along the gentle whale sharks. It is virtually  an untouched barrier reef and is a spectacle of colour and diversity. It is home to emerald lagoons teeming with vibrant tropical fish and brilliant corals. It is the longest and most accessible fringing reef in the world and can be reached by just a short swim in many places. The reef is famous for its seasonal feeding concentration of the whale sharks during March to June. In winter, the reef is part of the migratory routes for dolphins, mantra rays and humpback whales. It is one of the rare places on earth where visitors are able to walk from the beach straight onto a coral reef. Ningaloo Reef is a protected marine park, the sea is only up to your knees where one can experience the many colourful fish swimming and feeding between your legs.
Greens  Pool, Western Australia

Greens Pool is described as one of Wa's iconic and magical beaches. Known as one of Mother Nature's most inviting swimming pools because of its clear emerald water and pure white sand.  Basically a lagoon, it is like a huge natural ocean swimming pool which is dotted with sloping and dome-shape rocks.The beach slopes down gradually into the water and stays shallow for quite a long way out. Its sculpted rocks shelter the bay from the swell beyond and is a famous destination  for swimming, snorkelling and diving. Typical to this area are the rounded rock boulders which almost completely sheltered the Greens Pool from the waves making it a paradise for holidaymakers. An ideal destination for children to swim and paddle and experience the ocean in a safe and comfortable surrounding.
Western Australia's beaches are largely rugged and unspoilt where the Indian Ocean gleams like a sparkling sapphire under a warm southern sun on its 12,000km pristine coastline.